Inclusive, our haircare and beauty products are perfectly made for night and day styles to add shine and seal moisture. A grandeur of beauty, grow your hair with ease.



Warmed in the Sunlight and blended in the moonlight, Saphia Hatu Beauty Essentials are used to enhance your inner beauty and glow. To stimulate hair growth and help maintain healthy hair. Founded by Saphia Hatu a natural hair advisor and stylist.


Our collections are guaranteed  to improve and enhance the health of your hair. We take pride in packaging and shipping our top-quality made collections. Therefore, we do not accept returns on our beauty products, extensions and tools due to the safety of others and for hygienic purposes. Please be aware that all sales are final on our products and cannot be exchanged or returned afterwards. Orders are entered into our system the day after you order, and processing begins. If you have received a shipping notification, then your package has already been processed and cannot be cancelled. If you have further questions before purchasing, please contact us for a consultation.


Shipping Policy

We can ship to any address within the United States. Note that there are restrictions, and our products may ship only  in selected countries. Please contact us for further details.

Haircare that enhances your beauty and your outer glow.

Young Queens Editorial Event  

We’re super excited for the events coming up in the near future. Including our editorial  photoshoot and gift card giveaway!  

Our Story

Saphia Hatu beauty products are founded by Sophiya Davis, a natural hair advisor, looking to grow and improve the texture of hair. Created and formulated to grow her daughters natural coils. The complete haircare and beauty line is meant to improve the quality of everyone's hair.


May 24, 2021

A Grandeur of Beauty is an up and coming event that shows more than what meets the eye. For queens in the making, who are contributing to the world, using their most valuable assets.


August 1, 2020

This Summer's pop up picnic will be our first time launching our products with sample and gift card giveaways to our guest. Our event will be at one of the inclusive  parks, please contact us for details.


Grandeur of Beauty

Welcome to Saphia Hatu Collection, beauty products for women and young girls. We are committed to providing you with quality  products. Pamper your tresses with our luxurious haircare,  products you deserve.

Golden Mask

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We are there for all our customers, want to learn more about our products, or have a specific question in mind? Please contact us through email for further information and consultation.

Chicago, IL, USA

The Conditioning Method Collection

The Conditioning Method Collection




Chicago, IL, USA

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