4 Low Manipulation Natural Hairstyles for Moisture and Hair Growth

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Low Manipulative Hairstyles

Are you rocking the latest synthetic protective style without protecting your natural hair underneath? Is there tension on your scalp after taking down your protective style leaving your tresses dry, brittle and dull with shedding? Or are you failing to care for your hair in detangling, lacking moisture in your braid and twist outs. All can damage your coils and do more harm than good, depending on the health of your hair. Here are four low manipulation hairstyles that can add moisture and grow your coils.

1. Mini Twists/ Flat Twists

Leave your roots loose with this style, we are taking it old school with a stylish flare. This is not your average low maintenance look, add the right product and technique it could make your hair flourish. Twists not only add definition, it absorbs and traps moisture in each strand while stretching your hair. Mini twists can be left in the hair before locking, up to three weeks and look better with time. This style can be done on any hair type and length. Check out the styles below for inspiration.

2. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots can either break or make the hair, if done properly and without tugging or pulling on the roots. By twisting and wrapping your hair around in a knot, can bring the right moisture back into your hair, leaving the bantu knot out full and healthy with a s shaped springy curl pattern. This style can be achieved on all types of hair and looks adorable on little girls.

3. Finger Coils

There are different types of curl patterns that come in all shapes and sizes, but one shape stays the same, that is coils. Finger coil is the simplest style you can do and healthy for your hair. Not only does it absorb moisture but can thicken dull and sensitive areas that may be thinning. Part hair in small sections then wrap your hair around your finger to create coils. For shine add your favorite growth serum.

4. Plaits/ Braids

Plaits are one of the oldest protective styles and have been done on girls and women forever. Plaits not only thicken the hair and roots but can stretch the strands and its elasticity. Braids that are done tight or too small can be damaging to the hair and leave long term effects such as tract alopecia. That’s why it is better to braid the hair in looser braids that are bigger in size, if adding hair, try gripping it first (not tugging the roots) and then braid.

These four styles should fit any curl pattern, which one is your favorite?



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