Are Micro Loop Extensions A Protective Style?

What is Micro Loop?

Micro Loop extensions are good for enhancement; adding length and thickness to thin, fragile and dull hair but work best on thick or full hair. (There are several different textures when it comes to extensions, such as; curly, wavy, kinky curly and straight to name a few.) Micro link or loop are extensions that are placed on metal loops attached to the roots of your hair. It is like adding clip in extensions but require installation through looping and pressing pliers to each bead. (Sewing the wefts to the beads attached to your natural hair is optional.) To achieve this style, first seek a consultation, with a stylist, who has experience and specializes in micro loop extensions instead of doing it yourself. (To prevent shedding, baldness and extreme hair loss.)

Micro Loop vs. Sew in Extensions

Unlike micro loop extensions, a proper sew in requires having a braided foundation before installing extensions with wefts. The tracks are sewed in from the bottom to the top and can require pulling and tugging gently to achieve a flat and smooth surface. The natural hair is tucked away and fully protected, quite different from the micro loop method.

Tools needed for Micro Loop Installation

Micro Loop Ring Beads (Metal)

Crochet Needle

C Shaped Curve or Hook Needle (optional)


Hair Extensions

Thread (optional)

Hoop Needle/ Metal Hair Clips

Some extensions already have the ring beads attached and may make the process of installation a lot smoother. After the micro loop extensions are installed, they may feel discomforting if not applied properly, it is important to get them reinstalled every two months and wash them gently in a downward direction in small section.

Before installing any protective style with extensions, it is essential to have a healthy head of hair that is moisturized and nourished. The conditioning method is helpful for those who have damaged dry hair, looking to strengthen and grow their tresses. The Vanilla Mango Collection includes, cleansing conditioner, deep conditioner and oil serum. It is meant to nourish and strengthen the hair shaft in between protective styles. It can be used before, in between and after taking down your protective style. The collection will be launched in the summer of 2020.

Protect and grow your hair with ease, enjoy!



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