Collagen In Hair

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

Collagen in Hair

Collagen is found throughout the body, it is the key component of hair, skin and nails. It is an element and works as a protein that helps build our body's structure. The main ingredient in most hair growth products that are used internally, topically, or as an antioxidant. Proper dosage while applying collagen may improve the health of hair early on.

The decrease of collagen in hair, can lead to thinning, lack of nutrients and unable to produce collagen. The level of collagen may decrease throughout time due to unhealthy dieting, stress and improper care. The hair appears to look dry, limp, thin and in some areas damaged.

Reconstructing the hair shaft may take time, but with proper care, it may fix or reverse hair loss.

There are several ways to use collagen to improve hair growth and produce new hair stem cells.

Collagen Pills

Taking collagen pills may speed up one's hair growth and show rapid results. Amino acids, protein and polypeptide are found in collagen that help strengthen the hair.

Collagen Hair Treatment

Hair treatments with collagen, can be applied topically and change the overall structure of the hair, there are several hair treatments that combine collagen with others, such as; keratin, panthenol or quinoa. Some are natural proteins that add shine and growth to the hair. Collagen hair treatments can be easily made from home or bought in your local stores.

Collagen in Haircare Products

Some store bought products include collagen in their shampoos and conditioners, which help improve haircare products.

Side Effects

Depending on how collagen is used, over dosage can lead to scaring of the skin (keloid), allergic reactions or skin irritation. It may stop rapid results in hair growth if discontinued.

Collagen in hair has benefits and long-term outcomes, its best to restore whatever is left by creating a healthy diet, and proper haircare routine, to improve the skin, hair and body.



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