Crown of Chakra

Updated: Apr 6

The crown chakra is above the temple of the crown, it is the 7th chakra. To awaken your crown chakra, one must enhance awareness with peace and serenity. Be free from self doubt, depression, disease or illness.

Form a connection with higher spirits and enlighten the mind, body and soul. This opens a doorway to telepathic senses and a higher level of subconsciousness.

It allows one to travel in dimensions, gateways and pathways.

It is important to maintain a clear mind

from worry or stress through meditation. For example, be in a comfortable position, hands folded with the index fingers pointing to the sky, helps transmit a signal to the universe that you are receptive to receiving messages. Next, use your mind to ask the universe what you seek or want, allowing access to communicate with spirits or your higher self.

The Crown chakra is protected by a shield of hair that grows freely, a hairstyle is an expression of who you truly are. Hair is a creation, a being that can heighten it's senses, carries and releases energy to the universe.

To grow long flowing healthy hair, one must heighten their senses and spirit. To be healthy from within and heal the energy flow from toxicity, negativity and stress. To release past experiences and unwanted habits and make room for new strands of hair to grow.



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