Haircare Regimen: How to grow your baby girl’s hair

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

There are several techniques, products and general information that may or may not work for your baby girl’s hair. The simple styles, mild to little product usage and tender care can stimulate your child’s hair growth. There are several tips that can be helpful and improve your daily or weekly haircare regimen for your daughter(s). Here are the first few steps to take when repairing or improving your baby girl’s hair.

1. Curl Pattern and Sensitive Areas

Observe and study your child’s hair texture, this includes its porosity and how it absorbs moisture. Find an excellent oil base and a highly sensitive product line that can help improve the curl pattern and make it more manageable to style. if your child suffers from breakage, do steam and moisturizing treatments (once a week) thus will reduce breakage, nourish the scalp, and strengthen the hair follicles. If your child has sensitive spots or thinning areas, especially near the hairline, it is best to try loose styles (twists or plaits) that don’t pull or tug the hair. Massage the sensitive spots for 2 to 3 minutes a day, to allow the blood circulation to flow.

2. Shampoo less, condition more

Shampoos are known to strip the hair from its natural oils, it doesn’t matter how mild or consistent it's PH balance is, it still can damage your child’s hair. Focusing on a clean scalp instead of lathering shampoo on the hair can improve the overall health of your baby girl’s tresses. It is best to use a cleansing conditioner once a month during colder seasons and twice a month during warmer seasons. (This helps with dryness, dandruff or psoriasis and fragile roots/ends.)

3. Old School Simple Styles

The latest hair trends may not be the best option for your child’s hair, this includes synthetic hairstyles, box braids, tight buns or cornrow extensions. This is because your child’s scalp is sensitive in the early stages and may not be able to handle the tension and tightness. Remember to focus on the health and keep in mind what worked for your hair growing up, simple twists or plaits, barrettes and beads are not only age appropriate but helps with hair growth.

4. Little to No Heat

Although, sleek styles appear to look well-polished and elegant. It’s best to leave the hot tools alone, such as the hot combs, flat irons, or curling wands. (Use only level controlled ionic ceramic heating tools that produce steam) Heat alone, can only damage the hair even more, if the hair is unmanageable, seek a professional who specializes in children’s hair. There are several salons that cater to little girl’s and can improve the overall health of their hair.

5. Time

From birth to childhood, their hair is growing, it may take time to see results but with a healthy haircare regimen, your little girl’s hair will soon flourish. There are stages of hair growth spurs, or unevenness (keep record) make sure to be patient and trust the process.



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