Natural Hair Dilemmas

Multi- Textured Hair, Dryness and Breakage

In the natural hair community, we are here to love and embrace our natural curls or coils. While expressing ourselves freely, and letting our hair down, our textured hair might feel differently. Wearing your natural hair doesn’t mean leaving your hair uncombed and unkept for weeks at a time, in fact, it is the total opposite. What it means is years of finding solutions to your distinct curl pattern, preventing excessive breakage and creating the proper hair regimen. Right? There are dilemmas even challenges, in maintaining healthy hair. Here are some of the challenges (and solutions) with having natural hair.

Multi-Textured Hair

Not everyone has the same hair texture and not every strand of hair has the same curl pattern, some have straight hair in one section while the other sections are curly or kinky. (This is called multi-textured) Multi-textured hair is having more than one curl pattern or having a strand of hair that is straight and curly. It can be impossible to take care of and style with several problems such as; breakage, tangles and split ends, if not properly cared for.

How to Care for Multi- Textured Hair

When it comes to multi-textured hair, it is so easy to get frustrated and throw the whole head away. (literally) But why do that when you can learn how to care for your curls the right way.

First, detangle hair in sections, each strand of hair must be separated from each other, this will make it easier to observe the different textures when separated. Second, add moisture by using the conditioning method. (Conditioning method Third, (do your research) try a variety of products and ingredients then test them on each individual strand of hair. This is a quick way to know what your hair likes and doesn’t like. Lastly, reduce heat and trim ends to prevent splitting or knotting. These steps should help with styling and maintaining multi-textured hair.


When you go natural there is no turning back, it is a full-time commitment when it comes to adding the right amount of moisture without clogging your pores. Natural hair, especially tightly coiled curls tend to get dryer than others, it is important to stay clear from ingredients that dry the hair out. These ingredients consist of unsafe alcohols, sulfates, silicones and chemicals. Replacing these ingredients with natural ones may help improve the dryness.


Many of us have suffered from this, waking up with long flowing curls one day and the next our flowing curls have broken off hair and clogged our bathtubs. What really causes breakage and how can we prevent it? Ideally, if I knew the answer to this, I would know every curl pattern on each head of hair. But since there are billions of strands growing each day, it is almost impossible to know. Although, challenging there are several regimens to try, here are the few to prevent breakage and strengthen the hair follicles:

1. Start with a Fresh clean scalp

2. Apply hair treatments that include natural proteins, vitamin’s and biotin

3. Less manipulating and reduce styling with heat

4. Try a haircare regimen that includes detangling and moisturizing

5. Apply a deep conditioner with a steam treatment

6. Trim ends and protect them from friction

7. Take Hair supplements (iron), drink plenty of water and have a well-balanced diet

With proper care you can conquer any hair dilemma that comes your way, best of luck!



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