Stretched or Straight, Still Considered Natural Hair

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

Natural Hair

What is considered natural hair? To many of us, it is defined as wearing one’s hair in its natural state without a chemical, such as, perms or relaxers that change the curl pattern. While others may exclude harmful straightening treatments, tools and techniques. Still, can one have healthy hair and be completely natural? If so, is stretched or straight hair considered natural?

Natural hair is versatile and comes in different curl patterns, textures and variety of colors. (Not every curl is the same and may vary from each strand.) There are several curl patterns: kinky, coily, curly, and wavy. Curly textures are very fragile and should be treated with care when styled.

Stretched Hair

How can one stretch hair? One can stretch hair by blow-drying or trying other methods that retains length. (braids, twists, bantu knots, banding or threading and rollers to name a few.) To some, stretched hair is another option to wearing natural hair and can prevent strands from breaking, shedding, knotting and causing split ends. Many may mistake it for straight hair, but they are different in many ways.

Differences in Stretched and Straight Hair

The difference in stretched or straight hair is the texture and how it is styled. Stretched hair is fuller, thicker and coarse textured. Straight hair is smooth, shiny and may have a silky texture. To achieve the straightened style, first, it must be manipulated, by using heating tools or smoothing treatments. If using tools, such as a blow dryer or flatiron, one must style hair in a way of protecting the hair from permanent heat damage. Those who wear their natural curl pattern, tend to prefer stretching their hair rather than straightening it. (Excessive straightening may limp the strands or damage the texture.)

Whether you have, hair in its natural state, stretched or straight; natural hair is beautiful in all textures and whatever styling method one chooses should be beneficial for the overall health of their hair.



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