The Conditioning Method: More than A Wash N Go Achieving Juicy Curls

The Conditioning Method

We all have that favorite conditioner we use or may try many at the same time but are we conditioning properly? Are you the kind of person that lathers hair with a foaming shampoo and uses a pea size of conditioner or are you the one that cleanses without conditioning? To achieve hydrated curls/coils with moisture that last, one must condition their hair properly. Here are the three steps to take when applying conditioner to tightly coiled, kinky, curly hair.

Step 1

The Natural Relaxer

While hair is cleansed (Using a cleansing conditioner/shampoo with natural oils or antioxidants) and fully detangled, part hair in small sections. Use more than a pea size, start from the nape (working your way up to the front), part and lather each strand of hair with conditioner. Once again, detangle and rake your conditioner to each strand of hair. (The conditioner should be sulfate and silicone free) After the hair is drenching with moisture, shingle or finger coil each individual strand of hair by parting and separating each coil. Allow the conditioner to sit, add a plastic cap or use a hooded dryer for deep conditioning. This step may take 1 to 12 hours to complete and can be done for a nighttime regimen. If done overnight, make sure to wash the conditioner out in the morning.

Step 2

The Rinse

After conditioning, rinse and shake hair into place, do not unravel your curls while wet. Add bobby pins or clips to the roots to elongate and stretch the curls, this will help make your hair look smooth when dry. (You may apply a curling cream/ spray, to add shine.) Allow it to air dry or sit under a hooded dryer.

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Step 3

The Results

When hair is fully dry, remove clips or bobby pins and add a light natural oil. Separate each curl, or recoil if coils go flat. Fluff hair with a hair pick and stretch the roots with a low heat ionic blow-dryer.

These three simple steps are easy to do and will have your curls/coils flourishing, no matter what texture or length, we all can rock juicy curls the right way.



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