Tips to add Moisture and Grow Your Natural hair

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Juicy Coils, Curls and Kinks

I know what you are thinking is this a must-read blog post on magic potions that can instantly grow your hair waist length in six months or less? If there was ever a special product or supplement that could do both, while adding the right moisture to dry dull short hair, I would instantly put that product line on the market. In reality, there is only time and the right product.

Moisture Retention

Adding moisture, sealing ends and having juicy curls are a must when it comes to natural hair. Whether you decided to do the “Big Cop” or leave damaged ends behind. It is essential, start with a good regimen, in order to reconstruct your natural tresses. Some textures tend to dry out more than others, so it depends on how porous one’s hair is. (high, average, low or all three.) It's best to try the porosity test instead of figuring out your own curl pattern.

Another solution to dryness, is to find a good base, using a natural oil that can blend well with other oils. This blended oil can be added to water to seal and trap moisture, you can take your own customized oil with you wherever you go. Here are a few natural oils (These oils include vitamins, amino or fatty acids and nutrients) that work well with other ingredients.

· Argon

· Jojoba

· Avocado

· Almond

· Buriti

· Sweet Almond

Adding only water-based products instead of applying excessive water to hair, can alleviate damage to your curls or coils. (Do not drench your tresses with water.) The best water-based products are; milk masques, deep conditioners and leave-ins. (Add water to masques or condition hair once a week)

Hair Regimen for Moisture

The LCO and LOC method (liquid oil and cream) is the best way to seal in moisture and protect your hair from breaking off or worse shedding. The tighter the curl pattern the more fragile the hair is and can create knots, to start this method blend in your favorite ingredients or choose a product that is less chemically imbalanced. Apply to damp hair, starting at the ends working up to the roots and braid or twist each section of hair.

Hair growth

Although you may not see it yet, your hair grows half an inch within weeks at a time. It is a process and really depends on the health of your hair. Here are some reasons why you are may not be able to see hairgrowth:

· Hair growth is replaced with breakage

· Stress on hair and body

· High manipulative styles (include pulling and tugging)

· Excessive heat, chemicals, and coloring treatments

· Thinning or bald spots (alopecia)

· Damaged roots and ends

What you should do?

When you notice breakage, immediately stop with whatever product or method you are doing in order to maintain the hair you have left. It is best to seek assistance from a professional through consultation.

Grow Your Hair

The best way to start is (no matter what texture it is) to condition, treat and let your hair breathe for weeks at a time. To some, that may be difficult, especially with the latest hairstyles that create versatility. If you want to regrow your hair naturally, you must stick with one hairstyle that improves the overall health of your hair, adding the right products are a plus. This technique, if done properly, will allow enough time for your hair to repair on its own.

Healthy, Clean Diet

Make sure to add in all the right vitamins, proteins (natural) and fatty acids that help build your body and hair structure. (Take time to get to know your hair.)

Lastly, relieve any stress that can prevent hair growth, this can be daily mood changes, tension on hair, lack of appetite and stressful situations.



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