What to Look for When Purchasing a Haircare Product

Updated: Jan 6

Today, it seems that any and everyone are launching a haircare product without concern of the consumer. There are numerous haircare lines created each year, some that have good reviews while others take up space in a storage room, do you agree? So many products are left on shelves because they lack in performance. Here are a few simple steps to follow before purchasing your next haircare product.


Most haircare products carry a fragrance that is found at the bottom of the ingredient list, it is usually applied last and can linger throughout the product. If you are purchasing in a store, smell the scent to make sure it is fresh and not overpowering. Next, check for any strong odors that may cause the product to go bad or rancid. If purchasing online, make sure to look through each ingredient to check for any allergies.


In formulas there are ingredients that blend well together naturally while others do not and need substances, such as, surfactants or fatty alcohols to bind them together to make the product consistently function properly. To prevent inconsistency, try opening a sample bottle and feel the product or liquid in the palm of your hand. If it is thick or lightweight, those are the key factors to look for before purchasing. (It should be true to what the product states on the bottle.)


Finally, performance is everything! There are so many formulated products on the market that do not function properly. Like many, you purchase a product that you like; read the description on the label, buy it and take it home then realize you waisted your time, money and hair on a bad product. You are not alone there are millions of products sold along with horrific stories. In order to prevent this from happening again, check the reviews online or if in store make sure to apply a small amount of the product on your hair or skin. This is a quick and simple way to know if it really works.

I hope theses quick and easy steps were helpful and will save you from wasting your time. Goodluck!



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