Why Your Wet Curl Pattern Does not Look or Feel the Same When Dry

Curls with tightly coiled hair or less defined curls tend to become dry and brittle, if not moisturized properly. The natural styles of today, such as; twists outs, coils, wash n go or braid outs do not last and can instantly change your style from luscious to a dry disaster. The products and prepping technique is essential when it comes to perfect curls. Most shampoos that lather the hair with suds have ingredients that are sulfate or sulfate free. These shampoos can damage and prevent moisture from reaching each strand of coiled/ curled hair. Before applying a shampoo, use a cleansing conditioner instead and eliminate any foaming base products that strip the hair from it’s natural shine, luster and moisture. Replace them with thickening conditioners that include either honey or glycerin to co wash the hair. Most conditioners are used as a natural relaxer and moisturizer that seals, if used adequately.

Another dilemma is having shrinkage and unable to stretch the hair or elongate your curls. The conditioning and co wash method, makes it easier to detangle, adding a slip to the curls (make sure to use shingle or rake method) while stretching the hair before it’s fully dry. It is all about prepping the hair before styling that can help level water retention and retain length.

Before you try your next wash n go or twist out, test this method on one side of your hair while using your old method of styling and prepping on the other side, then compare your results.

Comment below if you tried this method and how it worked for you, stay natural!



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